We brainwash people at MCC

Today the Morgantown Community Church’s Facebook page received a question that i found interesting. I wanted to post the question and my answer to see what people thing.


Why do you brainwash people?


How’s it going? I’m the youth pastor at MCC. I work with the teenagers and technology mostly. I wanted to message you back and ask for examples of people who we brain washed. I didn’t know we had been successful… If we figured out how to brainwash people it would be amazing. Here are some reasons why:
1. We would no longer have people leave the church.
2. People would give more generously and we wouldn’t have to watch the budget closely.
3. We would not have to beg people to serve in different ministries the church has.
4. No one would ever challenge us on thing we say the bible teaches
The list could go on….

I hope you realized that I was joking about wanting to brain wash people. It would make some things easier but that’s not what we are about.

We openly say “Here is what we believe”(It’s on the internet public for all to see http://morgantowncommunitychurch.org/#/statement-of-faith/4536678078 ). If people agree that is awesome if they disagree we are going to love them anyway but that is there right to believe what they want.

If people agree with our faith we encourage

them in partnering with us to live out what we believe. We encourage and equip them to live a life that honors God

I don’t think this is any different than any other major religion or activist group.

Anyone who cares about animals and donates or follows the SPCA will receive information from them about how to help save animals lives. They learn how to live out what they believe. The same is true of the Tea Party, Occupy camps, NRA, election campaign teams, and more. It’s always the same format “Here is what we believe and why, if you agree then do ______”
I think we could even say some atheists do this. Atheists often teach “religion is a crutch that will hold back humanity and civilization from evolving (Their believe) so we need to remove all religion from government and society to help further the human race (If you agree do this).”
So to answer your question I do not believe we brain wash people. We offer them a world view that gives them hope for the future, encouragement for now, council on how to get over the past, and advice in how to live the best life possible.

I want to end by letting you know that I enjoy philosophical conversational. If you would like to continue the conversation I am more than willing to have a dialog.
~DJ Grick


A Burnt Motorcycle and a string of blessings

Joy, contentment, faith, and trust. These words come to mind when we think of the mindset Christians are called to. Many times we struggle to see them in our lives.

Tonight i got tested on these things. I was riding my motorcycle home after filling the gas tank. Going up a hill it lost all power. I reached down to spin the petcock over to reserve. As i reached down i felt more heat than was normal. So i looked and flames where shooting out from under the seat. I quickly pulled over and laid the bike down along the side of the road. Near by was an old carpet. Thinking I would be slick i grabbed the carpet and tossed it over the motorcycle. Within 15 seconds the smoke stopped and i thought it was over. I lifted the carpet and the flames exploded out again. At this point it was clear I was no longer going to have a motorcycle.

I was at a crossroad. How am i going to respond? Will I let my frustration get the best of me or will i trust that even in this God had a plan?

I decided to try to look for the best. Almost right then one of my co-workers appear. His name is Harry. He had a fire extinguisher he grabbed from his home and tried to spray down the bike. Turns out I just happened to stop right across the street from his house. As we talked he said “They are going to want to tow the bike. If you want to save the money we can drag it into my drive with my tractor and once it cools down you can come back for it.”

I had another coworker offer to come pick it up and take it back to the shop and my boss is taking going scrap run tomorrow so that will get included in the trip.

So far we have one hard situation but 3 quick blessings from God. But they do not stop there. Stef and I had a busy night planned. When i called her to come get me she was cooking dinner. By the time we left Harry’s we realized there was no time to eat. We had to meet people at the church by 5:45. We where running just about on time when the first meeting called to push back their time (another blessing from God). As we walk into the building there was a meeting that dinner was served at. They had finished eating and offered Stef and I their leftovers (another blessing from God). As we where eating we met with someone and had a really good conversation. Then right as that wrapped up the next set of people walked in. They where way quicker then i expected. By 8:pm we had 3 different meetings, eat dinner, and came home.


I could have gone thought the night upset about what happened but instead am amazed by how many details God worked out.

Daniel Fast One Day After—What was hard about it…and what I eat a lot of

So I found a few things hard about the Daniel fast.

  1. Grocery shopping! You would think that trying to go without additives and preservatives and sugar would be easier than it really is. Stef and I spent so much time looking up and down isles trying to find brands that did not load their food up with a bunch of garbage. It’s was amazing. We discovered a brand of tomato sauce that was just tomatoes and nothing else. Stef got all excited and then saw another item from the same brand that had garlic added. She put it in the cart thinking all was well. WRONG. Just adding garlic meant that 30 other random chemicals I will not even try to spell or say had to be added also. Continue reading “Daniel Fast One Day After—What was hard about it…and what I eat a lot of”

Daniel Fast Day 10—Refining Rules and Planning ahead

So today is the last day of me doing the Daniel Fast. I have to say last night was the hardest part of the fast yet. Stef wanted something filling so she made tacos for dinner for herself. I eat salad. After dinner she got into the fridge and pulled out dessert for herself. Now I am not a big dessert fan but one thing I love is chocolate chip cookie dough. Stef last Sunday baked chocolate chip cookie dough brownies for our small group bible study and there are leftovers.

Continue reading “Daniel Fast Day 10—Refining Rules and Planning ahead”

Daniel Fast Day 7—What

I am on day 7 of the Daniel fast and keep getting the same question over and over again. What is the Daniel fast? To be honest when I posted Daniel Fast Day 3—Why I really didn’t expect anyone to read it. I figured I was fine to write about fasting on here because it’s not like it will be seen. Unfortunately I forgot that my blog auto posts to Facebook. I want to say again before anything else that I am not doing this fast for attention. In person I have told very few people that it was even something I was considering or doing. It was this Blog that messed me up. Continue reading “Daniel Fast Day 7—What”

Daniel Fast Day 2–Why

So yesterday Stef and I started the Daniel Fast. I wanted to write a little about the experience this far so that I have a record. I will also allow other people a glimpse into what we are doing and why we are doing it. Before I say much more I need to make sure that no one reads this post as a way for me to brag about something spiritual I am doing. I am not blogging about the fast to show off. I want to allow people to know what I experienced during the fast to point them back to God and what He is doing in my life. Continue reading “Daniel Fast Day 2–Why”

“No Argument For God”

One of my 2012 goals is to read at least 15 books this year. Doesn’t sound like a lot until I admit that i only read 4 in 2011. Last night I finished the first book on my list. It’s title is No Argument For God. To be completely honest I started reading this book in May of 0211…

I think this is a great book to read if you are a Christian who wants to have conversations that lead people to Christ. Usually as soon as people realize you are trying to “preach” to them they will shut down. It goes from a discussion into an argument. John Wilkinson makes the point in the book that you will not argue people into faith. As soon as it’s an argument it’s a waste of time. He instead give a great perspective on God, faith, and evangelism.

Don’t agree with everything John talks about but it did give me a new approach to evangelism and apologetics.