We brainwash people at MCC

Today the Morgantown Community Church’s Facebook page received a question that i found interesting. I wanted to post the question and my answer to see what people thing.


Why do you brainwash people?


How’s it going? I’m the youth pastor at MCC. I work with the teenagers and technology mostly. I wanted to message you back and ask for examples of people who we brain washed. I didn’t know we had been successful… If we figured out how to brainwash people it would be amazing. Here are some reasons why:
1. We would no longer have people leave the church.
2. People would give more generously and we wouldn’t have to watch the budget closely.
3. We would not have to beg people to serve in different ministries the church has.
4. No one would ever challenge us on thing we say the bible teaches
The list could go on….

I hope you realized that I was joking about wanting to brain wash people. It would make some things easier but that’s not what we are about.

We openly say “Here is what we believe”(It’s on the internet public for all to see http://morgantowncommunitychurch.org/#/statement-of-faith/4536678078 ). If people agree that is awesome if they disagree we are going to love them anyway but that is there right to believe what they want.

If people agree with our faith we encourage

them in partnering with us to live out what we believe. We encourage and equip them to live a life that honors God

I don’t think this is any different than any other major religion or activist group.

Anyone who cares about animals and donates or follows the SPCA will receive information from them about how to help save animals lives. They learn how to live out what they believe. The same is true of the Tea Party, Occupy camps, NRA, election campaign teams, and more. It’s always the same format “Here is what we believe and why, if you agree then do ______”
I think we could even say some atheists do this. Atheists often teach “religion is a crutch that will hold back humanity and civilization from evolving (Their believe) so we need to remove all religion from government and society to help further the human race (If you agree do this).”
So to answer your question I do not believe we brain wash people. We offer them a world view that gives them hope for the future, encouragement for now, council on how to get over the past, and advice in how to live the best life possible.

I want to end by letting you know that I enjoy philosophical conversational. If you would like to continue the conversation I am more than willing to have a dialog.
~DJ Grick


Is it good to be a helpless crying baby?

This evening Stef (my wife) wanted some time to sleep. She asked me to try to hold Ava (our 7 week daughter) off from eating for a little while longer. As I am trying to keep her quiet she just kept crying louder and louder. I noticed a tear running down her cheek and as I wiped it away the verse “he will wipe every tear from their eye (Rev 21:4)” popped into my head. From here my mind went to how someday we will live with God for eternity. He will be our God, but he is also our heavenly father. As I pondered over this I realized that I have not even started to understand what it means to cry out to God or the idea of the heavenly father.
Ava, this little baby is helpless. She can’t do anything on her own. We feed her, we change her, we put her to bed, and we take her places. She can’t even role over yet. When she wants or needs something all she can do is cry, grunt, make noises and squirm. We have to figure out what they all mean.
We on the other hand think we are able to take care of ourselves. We try to but we forget that every breath we breathe is a gift from God. I think the biggest difference between Ava and I is that she knows how helpless she is. I try to think I am not. She cries out when she is in need, I try to solve the problem on my own. As I was thinking about this it made me appreciate the Lord’s Prayer, “give us this day our daily bread…”
I need to work on crying out to God. Calling on Him and begging Him to move.